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NGO Propane Cooperative provides propane service to over 4,000 members. The delivery trucks traveled over 70,000 miles and made over 10,000 deliveries to provide for a safe and secure supply of propane for members in all kinds of weather conditions. Our propane operating personnel continue to demonstrate their leadership in the safety arena with incident rates well below the national average. They are also taking their expertise out into the community by performing several safety awareness and firefighter training workshops each year. For those efforts, our propane employees were awarded the Touchstone Energy® Power and Hope Award. The focus of our business continues to be on providing affordable fixed price propane with metered service. The fixed-price propane helps members budget for their energy needs and avoid price increases that sometimes occur during the winter season. The metering option allows the member to pay for only the propane they use each month and avoid a costly tank re-fill. We continue to evaluate ways to reduce expenses and make investments in equipment, facilities, and technology to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

Why should you choose our propane service?

Early indicators suggest the cost of propane will be much higher next heating season and The Energy Cooperative can help eliminate those HUGE DELIVERY BILLS! We offer...

• Metered Service

• Budget Billing

• Automatic Re-Fills

• Fixed Rate

• On-Line Bill Pay

• Energy Advisor

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