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Mission & Vision Statement 


To provide safe and reliable energy to our member-owners with highly responsive service, consistent with the Cooperative Principles.


That our member-owners truly benefit from their membership in The Energy Cooperative, by receiving safe and reliable energy and highly responsive service at fair and reasonable prices. And that the communities we serve are enhanced due to our presence.

Value Statement

BusinessOperate the day-to-day business with honesty, integrity and professionalism with concern for the overall well-being of the members and employees.

MembersWhile promoting the Cooperative Principles, we are committed to values such as democratic control, local leadership, respect for members, and strive to provide services that enhance our members’ lives.

EmployeesTo provide fair, honest and equal treatment with a commitment to training, education and opportunity for advancement in a safe and secure environment.

CommunityWhile providing energy in our community, we strive to deepen our commitment in our core values - such as honesty, integrity, safety and security - qualities we believe are essential to enhancing the quality of life and social and economic well-being of the community.